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Drinks Recipes

Almond Flavoured Milk

Almond is also a Badam in Tamil. This milk with almond flavor is very famous in Tamilnadu. Nowadays it is prepared in many stores with artificial flavorings. You can prepare this in your house and have a healthy drink. Try this recipe and feel the real taste of Badam Milk / Alomnd flavored milk. …

Drinks Recipes


Wassail Drink: cocktail hour Wassail, a traditional hot holiday punch, combines lager, dark rum, lemon juice and ginger. The name means "to be in good health". It is associated with New Year celebrations and the Christmas traditions of the Christmas carol or the Wassail song. ("Love and joy come to you, and to you also …

Drinks Recipes

Hot Eggnog

Recipe for hot eggnog: Tagged: , alcohol , beverage , christmas drink , Cocktail , egg nog , holiday cocktail , hot Thanksgiving , warm drink