Day 67:365

Let's get crunk

I got bored with regular drinks, so it's time to go crazy. Working in a bar is sometimes boring, so it's always fun to suggest something special to the customer. Of course we have to promote responsible drinking and can only prepare drinks on the menu, but the customer is always right and if he wants a shot of Kick Me In The Jimmy with Fox Poison, then I can not say no lol (as long as I can) ) They have the means, these are expensive to do in my work!).

For those interested is the basic recipe for a shot called Bob Marley. It's half a shot of Midori, Jagermiester and Goldshlager in a shot glass.

Irish Trash Can is defiantly one I would like to try out soon with Adios Motherfucker.

During a school trip to Prague we had to go out a bit at night and always ended up in this tiny subterranean bar. We drank Adios Motherfuckers and they were amazing, tasted incredible and were ridiculously alcoholic. They were brilliant and since then I've been looking for the recipe and I have it now. I recommend this to anyone with a full soda cupboard, but be warned, it will be chaotic! Great memories.

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