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Wednesday September 10, 2008.

Note: Both recipes require fresh lime juice. Please remember to express the limes. There is really a difference in taste between real fresh limes and the fake stuff. There are lime / lemon squeeze tools that make the task a breeze. If you squeeze more than a few limes / lemons a year, it's worth the small investment to get one.

Lindemann's ginger tea (left)

4 parts of ginger ale
3 parts macadamia nut liqueur (see replacement note below)
2 parts of coconut rum
fresh lime juice (1/4 – 1/2 lime per serving, to taste)

Mix the ingredients in a separate glass or container, then pour them into a tall glass over the crushed ice.

Don't skip the crushed ice. The ice smoothes and brightens the taste and prevents the drink from becoming too sweet or too syrupy. If you need to use normal ice cubes, let the drink rest for a while so that the ice melts a little. Then stir and enjoy.

Note: I was made aware that the miracle of macadamia nut liqueur is not available in the UK (I don't know anywhere else). I've mixed a glass with hazelnut liqueur (which is available in the UK) and it's definitely different, but tasty in itself. It has a bitter note that emphasizes the nut taste. Depending on what you like, it can also be quite good. The macadamia, on the other hand, is extremely smooth and blends with the other flavors to create a refreshing iced tea taste. I would definitely not recommend using a sweet nut liqueur like almond (amaretto, etc.). I didn't actually try that, but I think almond would just make it overwhelmingly sweet. You would have to cut it with so much ginger ale and ice that it would hardly qualify as a real drink.

Tropical Depression (Right)
(for the jug: approx. 4 – 5 large glasses)

6 c. orange juice
1-1 / 2 c. Passion fruit rum
1 c. Coconut Rum
1 c. Red Soda Pop (Big Red, Faygo Red Pop, etc.)
fresh lime juice (1/4 – 1/2 lime per serving, depending on taste … in the jug on the photo are 3 limes)

Mix the ingredients and serve with ice (chopped or diced).

When I do that through the glass, I'm looking at the quantities. The amounts listed above are exactly what I put in the jug in this photo and it is pretty much dead on.

This is essentially an artificial hurricane, but without the seductive sweetness and artificiality of the blends. Even the best mixes (let's say Pat O & # 39; Briens) are full of colorings and nasty, syrupy mass. This is light and fruity and tasty, and you won't feel like you've been sucking on sno cones all day.

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