Heart Healthy Package

My Primary Care Physician said my good cholesterol was low, He told me to eat fish.This wild caught salmon comes frozen in very colorful plastic packages.

This is the first photo I have taken in three days. And it’s my first extended time on Flickr in a while.

Starting last Monday, I started feeling terrible. I felt weak and tired, and very very anxious. I went to my cardiac rehab session 1PM on Monday but couldn’t complete my new, more rigorous session on the treadmill. One of the staff came over and asked me what was going on. She reviewed my chart and noticed my weight had risen more than was possible, and it must be water retention. She asked me about my salt intake. I suddenly remembered that last Friday i had bought a bunch of delicious delicacies from the Deli near my house for Shabbos. I had been eating them over the weekend, and also on Monday. And, I suddenly I realized they were salty!!!!

As a result I examined all packaged food in the kitchen pantries and discovered they all have considerable amounts of sodium…

Accordingly, I have stopped eating any packaged food. Just fresh fruit and vegetables. Plus, yesterday i cooked a lentil and adzuki bean stew with fresh garlic and onions. I added Indian curry powder. I am eating that stew and basmati rice. Plus drinking lots of water. It should be a complete protein combination. Now I do have to add back fish into my diet. However, it does contain significant amounts of sodium, so i will wait until feel back to the way I was before my salty change in diet.. And i want to feel much less anxiety…

I am still very nervous, (you know "High Anxiety") but I do feel a lot better and I have lost half the water weight gain.So things are looking up! I am using some techniques for stress reduction I have learned in Rehab…

Cecily and Rafi were in Phoenix from Monday morning. Rafi took his two full day Bar Exam!! They retuned about 3 hours ago. I didn’t tell them anything about how i was feeling during their time away. Fortunately I do have a caregiver who was a great help.

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