I composed this frame so that it resembles the surface of the moon.

Throughout history there have been many ways to create moonlight. Making a good moonlight is quite an art and requires precision and skill.

It takes a lot of time and practice to make a good batch that works.

Here are the basic ingredients:
Meal with cereals,
and malt.

Here is the basic process:

Mix all the ingredients in a large container.

After mixing, put the mixture in a still and let it ferment.

Heat the mixture to 173 degrees Fahrenheit until evaporated.

The mixture results in a clear liquid that is often the color of dark beer.

Catch the steam with a pipe or a spiral.

The steam is transferred to a second empty container. The resulting condensation is the moonlight; it is then ready to drink.

Leave the mixture in the container and add more sugar, water, malt and corn flour. Then repeat the process.

(Repeat the process up to eight times before replacing the mixture).

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