Mothers Ruin

Soon after Coates & Co started in 1793, Plymouth Gin became a firm favorite in the country. The gin's drinking of the Royal Navy has been gin 'prestige as it climbed the ladder of respectability in Victorian times. By 1850 Coates & Co were given over 1000 barrels of 'navy strength' 57% from a year ago to the Royal Navy. They were fond of mixing it with angostura bitters or lime for 'medicinal' purposes. Thanks to the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, it's all over the world, it's becoming the world's largest volume brand with 1000 cases a week going to New York alone by the 1900's. Plymouth Gin (in Stuart's Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them) and the 1930's Plymouth Gin was the star of the cocktail era. Savoy Cocktail Book – Still the bible of mixology. You can visit the distillery where Plymouth Gin is still made in the Barbican.

The last of my Plymouth pictures. Off to St Ives tomorrow with the Cornwall Flickr Users Group.

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