Painkiller Sorbet (topped with grated nutmeg + cinnamon)

This is probably the most expensive ice cream I've ever made. I wanted to be authentic, so I chose Pusser's Rum – and as you can see, 80% of the $ 25 bottle is in the ice.

The recipe I followed – – only makes 1 pint, so yes … expensive ice cream.

A couple of improvements: I mixed all the ingredients before freezing. I also added half a cup of coconut milk and a pinch of ground cinnamon.

The consistency is more sorbet-like than icy. The rum extract taste is overwhelming and I think next time there would be less rum extract I would add 1 cup of cream.

Does it taste like the cocktail? I think it tastes like a concentrated "candy version", not entirely authentic, but interesting. Refreshing. Has an alcoholic kick.

The recipe will soon be published on

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