radishes 1/2 beet 1 tomato...

2 radishes 1/2 sugar beet 1 tomato leg ginger 3 carrots 1 apple #jucing

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pts116: Come on brother, welcome on the dark side.

turdelini: So how does it taste?

daphotography8: @turdelini tastes like madness. The apple makes it bearable.

daphotography8: @ pts116 has totally drunk the kool aid. All in.

pts116: Find what you like and start with it, then put more and more vegetables in it. It makes the transition a lot easier, it took almost two weeks until almost all the vegetables had risen in one of my juices. Get some kale in it, great for you !!! Ginger is great too !!! Man can not wait to discuss it with you, so good !!!!

daphotography8: @ pts116 thanks for the advice. I'm definitely looking forward to talking about recipes.

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