Sima recipe 1/9: Ingredients

Sima is a non-alcoholic flour-like drink made in Finland during the summer. It is particularly traditional to drink it on May 1, a national holiday. Its taste comes from brown sugar and lemons. Yeast is used to make gas to make the drink bubbling (the fermentation is usually too short to produce significant amounts of alcohol).

The brewing process lasts two days (preparation on the 1st day, bottle on the 2nd day) and the fermentation a few days longer.

The recipes for sima vary, but the way I do it, you need the following:

Day 1:
500 grams of white sugar
500 grams of brown sugar
3-4 lemons
quarter teaspoon of yeast
8 liters of water

Day 2:
4-6 teaspoons white sugar
a handful of raisins

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