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Drinks Recipes

green apple ginger cocktails

Recipe from old friend…. You also can find many great recipes and tips there. I used honey simple syrup instead of vodka, my outcome was not pretty as hers especially the color . It might be the type of honey or replacement of the vodka but the taste was still great. Thank you Sylvie …

Drinks Recipes

winter apple smoothie

It’s not quite winter yet, but this warm drink, a cool fall evening, and a good book went perfectly together. This smoothie had a tang of apple cider surrounded by rich creamy goodness…mmm mmm mmm! 1 c milk (I used powdered nonfat) 1 apple 2 tbsp oats 1/4 ttsp. cinnamon squirt of honey Blend in …

Drinks Recipes

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipe

If you currently have a bottle of apple cider vinegar on your counter, start making the most of its weight-loss and immunity-boosting powers with this simple ACV and honey drink. It’s inspired by the Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Drink you see on supermarket shelves, and… Tagged: , Apple , Cider , Drink , Recipe …

Cocktail Recipes

Apple & Pink Julep

Place 10 to 15 mint leaves in a long glass with a dash of apple juice. Squeeze gently to extract the full flavor of the mint and add a large amount of Croft Pink Port. Add some ice and swirl until the cocktail is chilled. Fill the glass with more ice and garnish with a …

Drinks Recipes

Hot Apple Cider

This is an amazing apple cider recipe that I served at my holiday party this past weekend and it was a huge hit, check out the recipe below.… Tagged: , apple cider , mug , holidays , snowman , entertaining , recipe , apple , cinnamon , Christmas , drink , festive , spice