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Drinks Recipes

Bitter Heiress

Many thanks to the New York Times for this drink recipe. It is delicious. Three parts (3 oz) of lillet, one part (1 oz) of freshly squeezed orange juice (or more if the orange gives more) and one part (1 oz) of Campari (the NYT recipe just said "a good squirt"). Stir in the cocktail …

Cocktail Recipes

March Bitter

Beer #3 was entirely constructed using A miscalculation was made in the malt extract and it came out paler, with less body and less flavor than desired. There is also an unpleasant soapy flavor. It’s 100% extract plus specialty grains. Tagged: , homebrew , 12in12 , extract

Drinks Recipes

Cocktail Negroni, Italian aperitivo, aperitif with gin, vermout and bitter Campari

LA ricetta del cocktail Negroni:… Negroni cocktail recipe:… Tagged: , Cocktail Negroni , Italian aperitivo , aperitif with gin , vermout and bitter Campari , Glass , gin , ghiaccio , ginporn , Gin cocktail , green , ginger , grappoli , gin and tonic , Drink , drinkporn , drinking , drink …