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Cocktail Recipes

Bloody Mary foam with Salsa

Bloody Mary Foam mit Salsa Lass uns ein bisschen Spaß haben! Ein etwas anderes Bloody Mary-Rezept, bei dem jedem Schnapsglas ein Löffel frische Salsa und ein würziger Tomaten-Wodka-Schaum beigegeben werden. Servieren Sie als beeindruckender Canapé, um Familie und Freunde zu begeistern. Bitte besuchen Sie uns unter: (Catering Seite) und (Rezeptseite) Tagged:

Drinks Recipes

Bloody Mary: The Drink

It was probably for the first time in the last century, probably between the World Wars, in the few years of celebration, when Europe recovered from the war to end all wars and prepare for the deadliest conflict in human history, probably for the first time in Paris mistaken. Although some argue that it was …

Cocktail Recipes

Bloody Awful shot

This is a so-called Bloody Awful. In fact it was. MY shooting skills are improving – now I'm just chasing them. I'm asked to do a "bad" or whatever and hey presto I can do it. The Bloody Awful is not my recipe, however, nor have I done this. Do not even go there, unless …