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Drinks Recipes

Young Coconut

A young coconut with the soft white coconut meat removed. For nutritional value of young coconuts and other healthy ReCiPeS, pls visit: Tagged: , Food Trails , homestyle , supermarket , coconuts , drinks , recipes , food links

Cocktail Recipes

Orange Coconut Cooler Recipe Video

Today we will make Orange Coconut Cooler recipe. You can easily know Ingredients and How to Make Orange Coconut Cooler step by step recipe. Watch my Orange Coconut Cooler recipe video. Watch Video – Orange Coconut Cooler Recipe Video Tagged: , How to Make Orange Coconut Cooler , Ingredients for Orange Coconut Cooler , Orange …

Cocktail Recipes

Put the Lime in the Coconut Water Refresher

This coconut water refresher is a healthy alternative to soda or chemical-laden sports drinks. Great before or after a workout or anytime you need to hydrate! See full recipe here: … Tagged: , coconut_water_refresher , coconut_water , drinks , beverages