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Drinks Recipes

Canelazo (drink), el Torre al Cielo restaurant at 2,660 meters (8,727 feet) above sea level, Baños, the Central Highlands, Ecuador.

Canelazo is a hot alcoholic beverage consumed in the Andean highlands of Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and northern Argentina. It typically consists of aguardiente (sugar cane alcohol), sugar or panela, and agua de canela (water boiled with cinnamon). Canelazo is traditionally made with homemade aguardiente, but bottled alcohol is also used. There are many variations on …

Cocktail Recipes

Splender Blenders Drink @ home

Splender Blenders Drink! Drink ingredients: ================= 1 cup of vodka 1 cup of strawberries 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup of fruit juice 2 glasses of ice cream ================= Manual: ================= Put all the ingredients in the blender, puree, add sugar (I added vanilla ice cream instead of sugar). ================= Tagged: , fresh , strawberry , …

Drinks Recipes

262/365 Drink Me

Poznan, Poland Bigfoot Coffee Shop Double espresso And … if you didn't know … what makes our espresso particularly tasty is that it is made with Dragons Breath. Repeat 4 times. Join me on my personal website Erik Witsoe or on Facebook Erik Witsoe Photography and behavior and Twitter Instagram and also Google+ Tagged: , …