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refreshing fruit drink

CP I love to make these natural fruit juice sodas and now that watermelon is back in season I made some melon balls for the bottom, topped it off with black berries and blended some mango for the top, the drink is apple juice (no sugar added) and club soda spearmint leaves on top and …

Drinks Recipes

Warm Drink Recipe 3

Photo by David Derong Royal Cider Grog For those of you who are a bit more hard care will take fancy to this potent hot treat that will give you comforting tastes of mom’s hot apple cider along with the extra jolt of Crown Royal to add to the mix. Warmed apple cider, cinnamon sticks, …

Drinks Recipes

my pink drink

Bandung always reminds me of my childhood — the drink, not the place in Indon. I remember as a child, I would persuade my mom to buy me the evaporated milk so that I could make bandung, along with the rose syrup we tended to have at home very often. My mom was usually reluctant …