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Cocktail Recipes

Eggs Separated

This recipe only uses the whites, so I separated the yolks using 3 bowls (separating each egg into the bowl housing the eggshells in the picture – to ensure a bad egg doesn’t spoil the rest). Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies on Tagged: , chocolate , cookies , walnuts , chocolate walnut cookies

Cocktail Recipes


Chocolate Mint Brownies Recipe Tagged: , chocolate , brownie , eggs , Chocolate brownie , recipe , Chocolate brownies , Mint brownies , Maida Heatter , thin mints , mint , bars

Drinks Recipes

Hyden Organics Scotch eggs and Morey

from Read this post about Elitistreview – Hyden Organics Scotch eggs and Morey I recently ate the best sausages Hyden Organics ever encountered. I was delighted to have some sausage meat and some of their eggs scratched for Dani to make cracking Hyden Organics Scotch eggs. They went upstairs. As we lunged for these …