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Drinks Recipes

refreshing fruit drink

CP I love to make these natural fruit juice sodas and now that watermelon is back in season I made some melon balls for the bottom, topped it off with black berries and blended some mango for the top, the drink is apple juice (no sugar added) and club soda spearmint leaves on top and …

Drinks Recipes

Morning Energizer Fruit Smoothie

Start the day right with a healthy and great tasting drink. Don’t forget to add your favourite protein powder or supplements! Find this recipe and more at: www.ourkitchenisland.com/2009/07/recipe-fruit-smoothie.html Tagged: , fruit , smoothie , drink , recipe , morning

Drinks Recipes

Silken Tofu Fruit Smoothie

Silky tofu fruit smoothie This spicy-fruity shake is perfect for breakfast or as a snack-pick-me-up. Use the freshest and ripe fruits to get the best taste. Silken tofu is available in soft and firm forms. It is supplied packaged in water (usually refrigerated in the product section) or in stable boxes. The water-filled type can …

Drinks Recipes

Fruit and Vegetables Set hand-painted

Vegetables Fruit Food Icon Apple Icon Set Outline Line Art Vitamin Pill Creativity Eating And Drinking Black And White Design Drawing Doodle Vegetarian Food Sketch Incomplete Weight Loss Backgrounds Illustration And Painting Sketching Clip Art Nutritional Label Ingredient Organic Freshness Nutrient Nature Textured Effect Commercial Kitchen Home Kitchen Restaurant Healthy Eating Healthy Lifestyle Healthcare And …