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Drinks Recipes

A one good drink

50ml of 70% vol Plum Brandy + 50ml of Jack Daniel's. Fill with "11 vitamin" nectar (apple juice is also good) add three ice cubes and it's done. "11 vitamin" nectar is mostly mixed juice from: orange, pineapple, lemon, banana, coconut, apple, carrot. Tagged: , hennessy , jack daniel’s , drink , recipe , almost …

Drinks Recipes

How to make a good ti punch

The Ti Punch is Creole for small punch and is the national drink of the French Caribbean. It is in a sense similar to the Brazilian Caprinhia and the Cuban Daquiri (the original, not the frozen one). It grabs a punch. To be just a little bit authentic, it needs one of its strong white …

Drinks Recipes

Something Good

"You're just given a little spark of madness. You do not have to lose it." Robin Williams rest in peace Something Good Recipe: One Third Shot: So.Co. One Third Shot: Amaretto One Third Shot: Spiced Rum One Fourth Shot: Blue Curacao Mix together in a mixer and pour into a glass with ice then add …