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Drinks Recipes

Techniques For Making Good Nutrition Part In Your Life

Making smart choices about meals is not difficult, and is particularly an incredible course of action for your self plus your health. When you aren’t properly educated about nutrition, you could potentially eat an excessive amount of, eat insufficient, or follow a diet containing insufficient nutrients. The recommendation below will offer the info you have …

Drinks Recipes

A one good drink

50ml of 70% vol Plum Brandy + 50ml of Jack Daniel's. Fill with "11 vitamin" nectar (apple juice is also good) add three ice cubes and it's done. "11 vitamin" nectar is mostly mixed juice from: orange, pineapple, lemon, banana, coconut, apple, carrot. Tagged: , hennessy , jack daniel’s , drink , recipe , almost …

Drinks Recipes

How to make a good ti punch

The Ti Punch is Creole for small punch and is the national drink of the French Caribbean. It is in a sense similar to the Brazilian Caprinhia and the Cuban Daquiri (the original, not the frozen one). It grabs a punch. To be just a little bit authentic, it needs one of its strong white …