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Cocktail Recipes

Hot Apple Cider Brandy (with Brandy Cherries)

Local apple cider with two ounces of Laird’s Bonded Apple Brandy, with a cinnamon stick garnish and my homemade brandy cherries (see brandy cherry photo in my personal album for recipe). Perfect for a chilly October evening in. Tagged: , cocktail , alcohol , drink , brandy , brandy cherry , brandied cherry , bourbon …

Drinks Recipes

Liquorice milkshake & hot Liquorice drink

Fotograf Flemming Lyng Liquorice milkshake (serves 2) 3 dl milk 2,5 dl vanilla ice cream 2 tsp. Fine Liquorice Powder Whip or blend all ingredients and serve to your family or best friends. Tip: Add fruit or lemon zest, etc. and blend or purée. Only your fantasy sets the limit! Cosy hot Liquorice (serves 2) …