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Cocktail Recipes

Absolutely Perfect Kool Aid Recipe

method In a BIG juice jug (1 gallon / 4 liters) stir the 3 packets of Koolaid and the sugar together. Add about 1/3 of the water and stir well, making sure that the Kool-Aid and sugar dissolve. Stir in the remaining water slowly; Take a rest. ingredients 3 (6 g) packs of Kool-Aid, your …

Drinks Recipes

Perfect Summer Drik Mango Lassi Recipe by What’s New Life

This summer chill out with mango lassi at home. Mango Lassi is a soothing cold drink for hot summer days or to brighten up any meal. View More details see our Cooking Video: #MangoLassiRecipe #MangoLassi #MangoSmoothie #MangoYogurtSmoothie #SummerDrinks #SummerDrinksRecipe #MangoProteinShake #ProteinShake Tagged: , Cooking , Recipe