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Darbaar (which, if you look closely, may be hidden in Shoreditch) is Abdul Yaseen's restaurant guilt. Abdul, who was once a Cinnamon Club and has a lot of experience, would like to merge the so-called "Royal Classics" and the modern Indian cuisine in a restaurant that gives your Indian favorite dishes upscale culinary accents. Square Meal described the experience as an "intentional east-west amalgam" that I can agree with. Inside, the walls are lined with shiny silver elephant heads, the occasionally shiny weapon and a lot of shiny marble.

To some extent, fusion food is the issue – they may be best known for their decadent butter chicken (an old Punjabi recipe full of yogurt, butter, chicken, and spices …). Also worth mentioning is the "Nanza" – essentially an Indian pizza. I'm not sure they're the first to have this idea, but I suppose the main question is why did it take so long for humanity to do it.

I ended up here at a crazy press dinner where I watch Abdul and the people he works with (the unisex people from Abdul) doing what they do best (no, not that …) , As a result, I now know how to make a Naan pizza from scratch, provided you like your pizza a little malformed: 3


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