working on my 2nd margarita

I'm really not a big drinker, so it's pretty funny that there are so many pictures of me with a drink in my hand!
(Larry apparently prefers to take photos of me when we go out for dinner on the weekend and have my weekly cocktail in front of me!)

…. that is said ….. these are definitely my favorite drink on the planet!
The raspberry margaritas they make at The Surfing Pig. They don't use cheap raspberry syrup. They use real raspberries mixed up in the bottom of the glass and some kind of magical margarita recipe. .and the glass is edged with sugar!
OH MY GOD!!! You're so good!
I love the taste of them.
If it hadn't been for the fact that I would probably slip under the table in more than two of them, I could sit there and drink them all night!
It is the only alcoholic drink I really dreamed of!
In January I start to think about how I can hardly wait for summer to come back so I can get one!

I am a very happy camper here!

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